It’s not a secret that the average American diet is toxic, full of processed foods, and sugar-laden. We have to be proactive in seeking out education on how to consciously, mindfully eat and in the healing powers of our food. The repercussions of mindless eating are more than just physical; they affect all aspects of our being. Food is the most powerful means of healing and balancing the body and mind. Nutrition is the primary and fundamental means that heals us. If you have that right, then all other modalities like yoga will work much more effectively. Mindful eating, like yoga, is a practice of compassion and self-observation.

Kelli Pitrone is House of AUM’s resident nutritionist helping guide students to a life of health and fulfillment through food. She is a Registered Dietitian from the Medical Dietetics program at the Ohio State University trained in integrative and functional medical techniques that help achieve positive health outcomes through natural and homeopathic means. In meetings she delves into the mind, body, and spirit to set up an eating plan and goals that address the whole self.

Investment: $85/ hour ($15/20 minutes thereafter)

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