"Living Mandala Yoga" 300 hr Teacher Training

May 19, 2018 – Jan. 11, 2019
House of AUM is wildly ecstatic to announce its first 300 hour yoga teacher training program with author & yogini Danielle Dulsky, E-RYT 500!

"The Awakened Guide" Yoga Instructor Immersion Training

Sept. 14, 2018 – Dec. 16, 2018
Uncover Your Teaching Voice, Deepen Your Personal Practice, Connect Deeply With Others in Yellow Springs, Ohio

“Living Mandala Yoga” 300 hr Teacher Training

May 19th, 2018 – January 11th, 2019

House of AUM is wildly ecstatic to announce its first 300 hour yoga teacher training program with author & yogini Danielle Dulsky, E-RYT 500!

Danielle is a long-time activist for wild woman spirituality and the divine feminine’s return. She is the author of the soon-to-be published Woman Most Wild: Liberating the Witch Within and is on a mission to inspire women to be fearless creators of their sacred work. She holds the highest designation from Yoga Alliance as an E-RYT 500, is the founder of the fully accredited Living Mandala Yoga teacher training programs, and believes in holistic healing for the sensual, creative, and spiritual self.

Her work is grounded in holding space for women to harvest their inner Priestess through personally relevant movement alchemy, intuitive artistic practice, and divine feminine spirituality. Danielle leads women circles, Witchcraft workshops, energy healing trainings, and basic (200-hour) and advanced (300-hour) yoga teacher trainings in Phoenixville, Pennsylvania. She believes that all women alive today are meant to be instrumental in supporting positive social transformation through wild woman spirituality, reclamation of the name Witch, and the magick of sisterhood.

This program begins May 19th, 2018 and finishes January 11th, 2019.

This program begins May 19th, 2018 and finishes January 11th, 2019 if you take all 4 seasonal immersion sessions in succession at AUM. You do have the option to take immersion weeks in Phoenixville, PA at Danielle’s studio. She will be offering a seasonal immersion in her words, “until the day she dies.” 🙂 You have 3 years to complete the certification in order to register with Yoga Alliance as a RYT-500. We mention this for those of you that feel called to the teachings of this program and Danielle specifically but cannot take off the time it takes to finish the program in 1 year at House of AUM. Please let us know if you have any questions regarding this. 

Pre-requisite: You must hold a 200-hour yoga certification or currently be enrolled in a program in order to enroll this 300-hour certification. 

From a Tantric perspective, all women are embodiments of feminine power or Shakti. The 300-hour program uses Goddess archetypes to garner a deeper understanding of the sacred self, the teacher, Circle-Craft, and the global community. Learning in this program occurs through deep discussion, communal practices, some serious soul-work, and creative alchemy.This program is sourced from the belief that the global community is being marked by increasing gender equity, human rights awareness, environmental consciousness, and social responsibility, with the role of yogins in these positive changes being absolutely paramount. This training is a journey of authentic, goddess-awakening, through which all students discover their unique soul-work, live their goddess-based archetypes, and cultivate authentic connection through feminine communication and co-creation.

Program Elements

The Fire Book– Personal journal, space to record thoughts, dreams, musings, doodles, fantasies (meow), and, hell, anything. This is where the fires start.

Fire-Place– Sacred (confidential, safe) space for yoga (self-transformation practice) as ritual

Fire-Starters– Journaling questions, sharp-edged quotes and images, practice prompts

Sparks– Creative work (writing, story-telling, intuitive painting, etc.)

Wild-Fires– Communal practices of asana, pranayama, chanting, dancing, free movement, sense-driven experience

Breaking and Sealing– We “break” open each module, usually through ritual (Fire-Place), at the start and we “seal” each module at the end, usually through practice (wild-fire)

Program Structure


The curriculum is grounded in the knowledge of nature’s rhythms as they affect the human body, psyche, and spiritual practice. There are four immersions, one per season, in the 300-hour program, and each 7-day immersion is one-quarter (3 Modules) of the entire program. Each immersion can be taken for personal development purposes, without pursuit of registry with the Yoga Alliance.


Rasa of Fertile Ground: Spring Immersion (May 19th – 25th, 2018)


Rasa of Fruition: Summer Immersion (July 28th – August 3rd, 2018)


Rasa of the Abundant Harvest: Autumn Immersion (September 29th – October 5th, 2018)


Rasa of Resting in Darkness: Winter Immersion (January 5th-11th, 2019)

Rasa of Fertile Ground: Spring Immersion


Required Texts: Aphrodite’s Daughters by Jamela Bonheim


Module I: Saraswati’s Rasa: Cultivating Creativity in Yoga Practice

– Creative Infusion, Personal Myth Work, Yoga Practice as Ritual, Women’s Circle Principles, Feminine Communication

– Bhava and Asana as Story, Incorporating Creative Work (Journaling, Painting, Claywork, etc.) into Yoga Practice, Integrating Yoga Practice into Women’s Circles for Social Change


Module II: Freya’s Rasa: Sacred Sexuality and Yoga for Women

– Sacral Chakra Dialogues, Yoga for Sacral Wholing, Womb Rituals, The Sacral Story

– Soul-Hearing, Bardic Circle, The Water Element, Balancing Kapha


Module III: Aphrodite’s Rasa: Honoring the Heart-Light

– Exploring the Sacral-Heart Connection, Women’s Council Work, Kriyas for the Sacral-Heart Bridge

– Holding the Sacral-Heart Council, Yoga and the Alchemical Goddess, Pathways to Dream Manifestation

Rasa of Fruition: Summer Immersion


Required Text: Waking the Global Heart by Anodea Judith


Module I: Brigid’s Rasa: Inspiration and the Yogini’s Path

– Harvesting personal values for more authentic teaching, the Dream World practice, Personal Council work, Inspiring global change through yoga teaching

– The full moon (fruition) phase, Sringara Rasa, cycles of fullness, the Fire element and tapas


Module II: Sophia’s Rasa: Wisdom and the Eternal Student

– Women’s relationships, the Womanifesto

– Teaching for Change


Module III: Artemis’ Rasa: Claiming Selfhood in Teaching Practice

– Personal Council Project and one-on-one Councils with the Director

Rasa of the Abundant Harvest: Autumn Immersion


Required Text: Mysteries of the Dark Moon by Demetri


Module I: Kali’s Rasa: Fear-Releasing and Yoga Practice

– Personal wound-work, Asana for releasing the psoas (fear-muscle), Fear-release and self-designed ceremony, the Dark Goddess archetype and personal myth writing

– The waning moon phase of the cycle and Shanti Rasa, Yoga and surrender, Kali meditation, Sword Ritual, Sadhana for Kali


Module II: Lilith’s Rasa: Claiming Power and Yoga Practice

– Yoga, women, and solitude; Lilith’s Mala; Wound cycles

– Creating a Lilith circle; rage-releasing techniques, personal power sources, power ceremony


Module III: Cerridwyn’s Rasa: Waves of Lightness and Darkness in Yoga Practice

– Death and rebirth in yoga practice; raising awareness of women’s cycles

– Cauldron of Transformation meditation; Kriyas for Change; the Crone/Wise-Elder aspect of the goddess; Teaching multi-generational yoga classes for women

Rasa of Resting in Darkness: Winter Immersion


Required Text: Nature and the Human Soul by Bill Plotkin


Module I: Shakti’s Rasa: Seeking the Divine Feminine in Yoga Practice

– Harvesting divine feminine energy and the Kundalini; Creative work for sacral awareness; Shiva-Shakti and Tantra

– Balancing the Mukti and Bukti; Stillness and the Dark Moon Phase


Module II: Hestia’s Rasa: Hearth-Holding and Yogic Space

– Retreat Design; Women’s Circle Crafting; the Yoga Teacher and accessibility

– Ethical practice and the sacred feminine; Altar Creation; Yoga as Ritual


Module III: Lakshmi’s Rasa: Claiming Abundance

– Feminine currency principles; the “Soul of Money” project; Manifesting Change

– Lakshmi’s Ritual; the Earth element and yoga for grounding; the Soul-Work project for sustainable teaching

– Authenticity and Wealth Creation, Reconciling Healer’s Work with Money

Tuition and Payments

Total tuition for the 300-hour program is $3600. Each of the four immersions is $900 each, with full payment due six weeks before the immersion start date. If you require a payment plan to further break down the $900, please set up an appointment with Melissa to set up contractual payments.

This excludes books which are approximately $50 for the entire training. If you need help with accommodations, please let us know and we can guide you towards some great Air B&Bs in town.

In an effort to keep this training potent, intimate and sacred, we will be accepting only 10 students.

Danielle will be visiting House of AUM ,Janury 5th & 6th to teach 3 workshops (please visit the workshop page to for more info and to sign up) as well as to hold open house hours for further inquiry about her program.

Melissa met Danielle at the Wild Woman Festival in August 2018 and was deeply inspired by her work, ultimately inviting Danielle to hold AUM’s first 300 hour program. Melissa is beyond excited to be taking this training program as one of the 10 students.  

Please direct all questions to Melissa by emailing melissa@house-of-aum.com or calling 937-532-5467.

“The Awakened Guide” Yoga Instructor Immersion Training

with Melissa Herzog

“Awaken The Guide Within”
An Immersion Training & Exploration

September 14th, 2018 – December 16th, 2018

Uncover Your Teaching Voice, Deepen Your Personal Practice, Connect Deeply With Others in Yellow Springs, Ohio

WE OFFER: Experiential training in a highly vibrating environment influenced by the Divine Feminine, invoking strength, peace, grace and truth from within. Your training is infused with a well rounded spiritual menu of offerings to fully engage all the senses to expand into higher consciousness, facilitating healing & personal growth as well as learning to guide others in the practice of yoga.

You’ll learn from a group of diverse and experienced guides & trainers
in a variety of topics & workshops including:

Vinyasa & Hatha Yoga– Learn how to effectively sequence a class in a multitude of ways, creating a balanced and empowering experience for others

Restorative Yoga– Learn how to guide others in creating supported poses within their bodies in an effort to reduce stress, increasing their ability to relax, revive and relieve tension

Yoga Philosophy– We’ll engage in lectures that connect us to the lineage and history of yoga and it’s many expressions.

Meditation Technique– You’ll be guided into meditation in a multitude of ways, through movement, through verbal guidance, on walks, through art, etc. We’ll learn techniques to guide others in meditation as well as deepen our own personal meditation practice.

Creative Artistic Expression– We’ll make art together, vision boards, malas and more.

Business of Yoga– We’ll talk about what it means to be an independent contractor, plan your own studio, writing your bio, teacher branding and more.

Crystals– We’ll learn how to enhance our spiritual practice using crystals.

Aromatherapy– We’ll learn how oils can support your practice and everyday life.

Wisdom Quest– We’ll take to the woods on a quest to more fully align with who we are. This is a spiritual trek for the soul and one of our favorite parts of the training.

Core Desires– We’ll uncover what it is that we truly desire for ourselves and for the students we’ll be guiding and how we can best be in service to ourselves and others.

Physical Adjustments– We’ll learn how to safely give hands on adjustments to enhance a student’s experience on their mat.

Anatomy & Physiology– We’ll learn the basics of both in an effort to understand what is taking place in one’s body while practicing yoga.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve been practicing for 3 months or 3 years, this soulfully guided instructor training will have you searching the depths of your soul, uncovering your true essence, tapping into your personal power & connecting to your truth; deeply inspiring you to share the practice of yoga with others in your own authentic way.

Upon completion of this program, candidates may register with Yoga Alliance.

*In order to keep the training intimate with a greater focus on the individual student & small group dynamic, we limit the number of students to 8. We believe in quality over quantity here at House of AUM. There’s something extremely potent about sharing with a small group, you learn so much more this way. We’ve been a part of many different trainings and we’ve seen the effects of small group intimacy, it’s truly incomparable. We love that about our program and we think you will too.

*There is a minimum of 5 people needed to run this program

*4 month commitment (please make sure you can attend all dates, there will be few exceptions made if you would need to make up time).


Friday 8 am – 8 pm, Saturday 8 am – 8 pm & Sunday 8 am – 4 pm


Friday, Sept 14th – Sunday, Sept 16th 2018

Friday, October 26th- Sunday, October 28th

Friday, November 16th – Sunday, November 18th

Friday, November 30th – Sunday, December 2nd

Friday, December 14th – Sunday, December 16th

Total Cost is $2999

Upon starting the program, all students will have an unlimited membership pass to all regularly scheduled classes.

Payment plan available upon request

There is an interview process you must complete before acceptance into the program.

We encourage you to register by August 1st to reserve your spot. Registration deadline is August 15th.

There will be a full refund given if a 60 day notice is provided in writing. If after 60 days, you will receive a refund of the initial cost less 10%. There are no refunds given after the program has started.

If you have any questions or would like to set up an interview, please call Melissa at 937-532-5467. Thank you!

Lead Trainer:
Melissa Herzog E, RYT 200 & Creatrix of House of AUM

About Melissa

Melissa found the practice of yoga in her twenties and was immediately drawn to the connectedness that she felt when she was on her mat simply breathing. She learned to listen from within, move her body, untether her soul, she learned how to love, how to speak better words, how healing herself from early childhood traumas would in turn aid in her ability to help, guide and serve others. With her teachers’ guidance, deep listening, and unwavering practice, she was ultimately led to take a huge leap towards BIG MAGIC and with a fire lit inside her that would fuel her BIG dream she conceived and opened House of AUM in June of 2015.

Melissa is deeply influenced by the Divine Feminine rising and infuses Her essence in everything she does. As House of AUM’s creatrix and lead visionary she is committed to seeking out and holding space for those sharing & living their truth, those that are on a path that will ultimately serve in raising the vibration of the collective consciousness. She openly engages in and is influenced by multiple spiritual paths including Paganism, Hinduism, Buddhism, Christianity & Divine Feminine studies. Melissa is married to her rock and together they have two incredible earth beings that they are raising to be in service & to hold light in dark places. She believes in co-creation and that House of AUM is a manifestation of many, belonging to a community of amazing people that support each other and live within a similar set of values. She values authenticity, all walks of life, honesty, selfless service and the greatest gift to humankind, the capacity to love with your whole heart. She welcomes you to create a sacred space within her home.

House of AUM is a powerful portal to your own interconnectedness and she, along with the AUM tribe of guides and instructors want you to feel when you walk in that this is a safe haven to explore the infinite depths of your soul.


Joshua Hayward- Master Astrologer & Lead Meditation Teacher at House of AUM

Julie Pies LPTA, LMT & Patti Mielziner MFRT, ACE- Wisdom Quest Leaders

The AUM Tribe of Instructors

An individual can’t create anything itself. All of our dreams come true with the cooperation and co-creation of other souls.

Hina Hashmi