Reading w/Joshua Hayward

Astrology and Tarot as a combined spiritual reading is an offering to individuals seeking guidance. This consists first of a Natal Chart reading, followed by a transit reading, and concluded with a Tarot spread. This reading includes life purpose, strengths and vulnerabilities, past life issues, and life direction in the present life. Next, the current transits of the planets are delineated and integrated for understanding of present situations. Finally, the Tarot spread puts together a collective picture of the client’s life path from past, to the present, and into the future.

$45/30 minutes
$90/1 hour

To schedule a session with Joshua please call House of AUM at 937-532-5467 or Joshua at 937-767-1536. You may also send any questions to

Your Guide

Joshua Hayward has had an extensive career as an Astrological Reader and Columnist, a Tarot Master, Meditation Instructor, an Author and Poet, a Radio Talk-Show Host, and Folk and Blues Musician. A long-time resident of the mountains of Colorado, Joshua moved to Yellow Springs, OH, in 2010, where he eventually joined the House of Aum Yoga Studio, in its inception, as a Meditation Instructor and Spiritual Guide. Joshua has done over 12,000 readings using Astrology and Tarot as his medium of spiritual sight. His guidance has been instrumental in the transformation of many lives, and his humble, peaceful insistence on kindness, service, and creativity has been an inspirational model for others on their spiritual paths.

Spiritual Mentorship

Spiritual awakenings come in multitudinous ways, but when they happen one thing is for certain — life can never be the same! So often a transformative opportunity presents itself, be it an awakening, an epiphany, or a simple glimpse into the realms of mystery or magic. Whether the individual experiences such an awakening suddenly, or over an extended period of time, it is so often the case that the person has no real information on how to proceed.  

Alone, in a world awash in mixed messages, one is left to search almost at random. One may indeed find his or her way along a deeply spiritually rewarding path without guidance, but it is tough when one meets with discouraging and disillusioning circumstances. Becoming a “lightworker,” one runs into shadow and darkness inevitably, so having a mentor is recommended in nearly all traditions.

No matter the spiritual path, a mentor brings a bit of the known into the unknown! For the path is into the unknown. It is a discovery of one’s connection deep into the heart of life itself! Each journey is unique unto itself, for every one is different, but having someone with you who has made that path his soul life’s purpose is invaluable.

Joshua has been assisting people on their life journeys for over three decades, and now he is opening up a mentorship program for those who want to balance their complex lives with a spiritual dimension. From the business world to the artist’s realm, from the medical field to the classroom, Joshua was made to help develop deeply spiritual insights and experiential breakthroughs in any conceivable context.

Do you want to achieve your highest potential? Joshua offers his high-level skills to help you reframe any and all perceived obstacles into growth opportunities. He will tailor your program to what you need on your path so your transformation will be complete and rewarding!

10 Sessions with Joshua will be some of the more memorable and useful moments of your life! He will give you tools to anchor in your spiritual practice, and even become a teacher/healer/reader yourself!

Investment: $800

Joshua blew me away our first session together. My birth chart, as he explains, is a road map to my soul, and he explained many things that I had felt but was unable to decipher why or what it meant. He speaks from his heart, based on his own personal experiences, and it feels like he is speaking to my soul. The Tarot reading reiterates what the birth chart maps out, and the following meditation he gave me was an extension of came up (in the reading) and was custom tailored to exactly what I needed. I see Joshua at least quarterly and more if I’m lucky, and it’s always just what I need to ensure that I’m moving in a direction that allows me to grow and evolve in alignment with my purpose of this planet. I cannot emphasize enough the importance of the guidance I have received. I am eternally grateful. Matt P.

Dayton, Ohio

Joshua holds a space of non-judgment for his clients and students as he effortlessly shares his wisdom and intuitive guidance. I recommend Joshua for the seeker at any level. Maggie S.

Marysville, Ohio

Joshua is very knowledgeable and is an expert in astrology. He gives you great detail on how the planets work for your natal chart. His class and the meditation help you understand things in your life that start to make sense. The passion he has for astrology helps him to be a great teacher as well as spread this knowledge and understanding his students. Heidi T.

Dayton, Ohio