Lauren Burba

The Mystic & Mundane

Lauren Burba is A Mom, Wife, Aromatherapist, Intuitive, Teacher, Emotional Release Facilitator, Healed Healer, Holistic Wellness Coach, Heart centered Business Coach, Yoga and Meditation Instructor, and over all Spiritual Entrepreneur. She is committed to helping others do their soul work with both high invitation and challenge. She integrates a mixture of practices from the mystical to the mundane to help each person reach their highest potential. Lauren started her spiritual teaching journey ten years ago in the Christian tradition and eventually found her way to holistic health, metaphysics, yoga, meditation, alchemy, intuitive practices and the esoteric arts. She draws deeply from all of her experience, working with the earth and sky to craft medicine specific to each person’s needs. Lauren started her aromatherapy practice in 2013. She has over six different aromatherapy certifications with a specialization in aroma-emotional release. Her journey with oils began when her oldest son had a miraculous experience with releasing trauma through frankincense and words of affirmation and is now level GOLD in Young Living- helping a thousand families change their lives with natural plant medicine. She has a powerful holistic body work practice that integrates both intuitive services such as tarot, astrology and powerful spirit-led intuition as well as therapeutic essential oils, reiki energy, channeling, intuition, body wisdom, emotional release, and sacred smoke. This experience will shift your vibration and change your life. Lauren believes in integrating many paths of healing to help one on their healing journey. She started practicing yoga in 2016 after her third son was born. She was previously a power lifter, but after getting diastasis recti she had to pursue a lower impact form of exercise. She had no idea it would completely change her life: mind, body, soul, and spirit. She loves to practice vinyasa, moon circles, and juicy emotional release guided yin and nidra as well as meditation.


4 Week Golden Shadow Mentorship:
Coaching $350 with Sacred Release Healing $450

Over a period of four sessions you will get to sample some of Lauren’s best modalities. She works with each client to craft what is needed to help you get clarity on direction and freedom from blocks. You session may include, Intuitive Readings, Astrology, Tarot, Body Work, and Emotional Release Healing.

Sample Itinerary:

Meeting 1 (60 mins): go over your natal chart, and tarot spread to zero in on subconscious blocks and set goals for the next weeks -set intentions and goals 

Meeting 2 (60 – 90 mins): non-physical work,  we will engage your inner child, locate and release energy blocks in the body, meditation, and integration. Sacred Release body work (if purchased): a ninety minute healing session with essential oils, emotional release, frequency healing/reiki, emotional block clearing, intuitive healing, affirmation work.

Meeting 3 (60 mins): debrief, discuss affirmations and goals, come back to your chart and spread- discuss what’s going and if were on track with your intentions

Meeting 4 (60 mins): Go back over goals, make sure there is a plan for the future, mediation, closing circle

You will have access to Lauren once a week,  she will check in with you weekly via email.

You will receive an aromatherapy roll-on, soul guidance, a crystal, your natal chart,  spread (oracle & tarot) recordings and programming material. 

One Hour Astrology $85

Astrology is a spiritual reading and offering to individuals seeking guidance. This consists first of a Natal Chart reading, followed by a transit reading, and concluded with insight, guidance, and subconscious work. You will leave with a better understanding of yourself and your purpose.

One Hour Holistic Tarot $85

Tarot is a mirror of the soul. Did you know 95% of our thinking/doing is dictated from our subconscious mind? Engage in safe shadow work with Lauren, as she is an expert at combining archetypal journeys and intuitive insight through tarot.

Sacred Release Healing $125

Through the use of therapeutic essential oils, intuitive body work, reiki, emotional release, affirmation, channeling, and sacred smoke- you will leave feeling a sense of release, recharged, and whole.

Yoga & Meditation

Sacred Slow Flow: House of Aum 11am-12:15pm