“Awaken The Guide Within”
200-hr Yoga Instructor Training

This training experience will take place at
Prosper Bodyworks
213 Decatur Street
Port Townsend, WA 98368

There will be two (9) day immersions, meeting from 8 am – 6 pm daily.
Immersion Week 1: Saturday, June 15th – Sunday, June 23rd
Immersion Week 2: Saturday, September 14th – Sunday, September 22nd

Led by House of AUM Creatrix, Melissa Herzog, RYT 500, E-RYT 200

For potent, small group intimacy, there will only be ten students accepted into this program. Small group training is extremely powerful and we absolutely love the intimacy that it brings. Melissa is highly invested in developing students who desire to awaken their own inner guide through in-depth self study, hard work and a commitment to healing. She believes, and it is important to note, that you must be fully willing and/or fully engaged in the process of examining your own wounds and actively working towards healing them, in an effort to hold the light for others. We can only serve others if we ourselves are doing the “work”. It is important to note as well that spirituality & nature is a major component of this training.

This experiential training will encompass all of the elements required by Yoga Alliance to become a 200 hour certified yoga instructor although it is not uncommon for students not planning to teach to take this course to deepen their understanding of the practice and the Self.


You will learn:

Vinyasa & Hatha Yoga – How to effectively sequence a class in a multitude of ways, creating a balanced and empowering experience for others

Deep Stretch Yoga – How to guide others in creating supported poses within their bodies in an effort to reduce stress, increasing their ability to relax, explore and relieve tension

The History of Yoga & Yoga Philosophy – We will honor those that came before us to create and pass down this sacred work, exploring where yoga came from and how it has evolved over time

Meditation Technique – You’ll be guided into meditation in a multitude of ways, through movement, through verbal guidance, on walks, through art, etc. We’ll learn techniques to guide others in meditation as well as deepen our own personal meditation practice

Creative Artistic Expression – We’ll make art together, vision boards, malas and more

Business of Yoga – We’ll talk about what it means to be an independent contractor, create class and workshop content, write a bio, teacher branding and more

Crystals – We’ll learn how to enhance our spiritual practice with crystals

Aromatherapy – We’ll learn how oils can support our practice and everyday life

Core Desires – We’ll uncover what it is that we truly desire for ourselves and for the students we’ll be guiding and how we can best be in service to ourselves and others.

Physical Adjustments – We’ll learn how to safely give hands on adjustments to enhance a student’s experience

Anatomy & Physiology – We’ll learn the basics of both in an effort to understand what is taking place in one’s body while practicing yoga

An Intro to the Chakra System – We’ll learn what the chakras are and how can we use this system to facilitate healing and a deeper understanding of our bodies and journeys

Aligning w/ the Moon Cycle – We’ll learn what the moon cycle have to do with yoga or a spiritual practice and how can we align with it and use this ancient ritual for self study and healing

Circle Work & Council – A group of ten is a perfect amount of people for small group conversations that will facilitate deeper understandings of each other and ultimately work to provide clarity and perspective for each other’s journey through daily life


Total Self Investment is $3200 ($200 savings when paid in full) or four payments of $850 (payment dates set once a deposit of $850 is received). Full payment or a deposit if choosing the payment plan, must be received by May 3rd, 2019.

There must be a minimum of six students for this training to take place. In the event that there is not enough sign ups, all tuition paid will be fully refunded. Due to the nature of this traveling program, there will be no refunds given once the training has begun. If you need to cancel your registration, there will be a full refund given if you provide a 60 day notice. If after 60 days, a refund will be given less 20% of the total paid.

For additional information and to set up an interview, please email melissa@house-of-aum.com or call 937-532-5467.

About Melissa

Melissa is deeply influenced by the Divine Feminine rising and infuses Her essence in everything she does. As House of AUM’s creatrix and lead visionary she is committed to seeking out and holding space for those sharing & living their truth, those that are on a path that will ultimately serve in raising the vibration of the collective consciousness. She openly engages in and is influenced by multiple spiritual paths including Wild Feminine Spirituality, Paganism, Hinduism, Buddhism and Christianity. She recently completed Danielle Dulsky’s 300 hr Wild Feminine yoga teacher training and continues to explore the teachings of Ma Shanti Lynda Terry, Rebecca Campbell, Shiva Rea, Pixie Lighthorse and many other teachers and guides with the same mission, to hold light in dark places. It is an honor for her to travel and teach this program, a beautiful exploration of what it means to be awake and embodied in the deep knowing that we were born at this time for a reason. May we all rise and heal, so that we can truly live in alignment with our brilliant heart and it’s infinite capacity to love.

Melissa’s teaching gives a nod to the primal feminine in us all. Her offerings combine organic movement with creative work in a way that makes her students reconsider their old and outmoded patterns, coming home to themselves at long last through writing, sharing, dance, and ceremony. In short, the world needs more teachers like Melissa, who inspire both positive social change as well as an embrace of what is at once ancient and sacred.

Danielle Dulsky

I had a preconceived notion of how a yoga teacher training would be conducted. I knew I did not want a huge class and I wanted to learn more about the spiritual components of Yoga. When I read the description of what Melissa at House of Aum was offering for her 200 hr YTT, I immediately knew I wanted to take this one! Whatever expectations I had going in, they were totally blown out of the water!! This training is so much more than what the description can convey. It was not only small and intimate, with a strong spiritual connection; it was life altering for me. There was an honoring of the Divine Feminine linking it to the Triple Goddess and Mother Earth that was so special and humbling for me. These honorings formulated the creation of a sacred sisterhood among all the students. Creating a special bond between us that will always be. I am so grateful to Melissa and her phenomenal teachers who lead us on our journey to discover our own sacredness and special gifts.

Mandy McGarvey

When I signed up for the training program at the House of Aum I was searching for a way to advance my practice and spend time in community with other like minded yogis. What I walked away with was nothing short of life altering. Melissa held space for our group with such passionate devotion to the practice and to our circle that we are forever connected. We spent time not only delving into asana and pranayama but also nature guided meditations, chanting, council, circle crafting, and wildfire practices. The group energy that was cultivated will sustain these bonds between all of us far into the future. As our time together came to a close, each master class taught by my fellow students was an offering so divine that I would travel great distances to practice with them again. What Melissa is offering far exceeds any teacher training I have been exposed to. She invites you to come along with her in order to locate parts of yourself you did not know needed to be awakened and provides the environment to cultivate all of the blessings the practice has to offer.

Leah Presutti

From the moment she stepped into the studio just shy of a year prior, she knew this was a part of her journey somehow and not just an interesting half day retreat. She could feel it in her soul, the energy and connection with the studio owner who greeted her and showed her the path.. not just for the day, but also the way ~ into beginners yoga, into connection with self and with others and eventually into a desire to learn to teach. The excitement and expectations of the immersion program program were exceeded with welcomed intensity, deep connection in a small, intimate group setting. Thus allowing for greater experiences communing together: in circle – learning the potent work of holding space for our sisters/brothers, welcoming guidance from our ancestors; journeying outdoors to have intimate experiential opportunities with nature and meditating on the awareness of our connection with this universe and each other; learning the yogic philosophies, mantras, asanas, personal responsibility for leading others and gifts we bring to our class, individually and collectively, in the yoga profession; the art of queuing a class, synchronizing a flow and adjusting for physical safety are complete aspects of the course to round the experience and complete the journey to becoming a certified yoga teacher trainer with The House of AUM. And an amazing, unforgettable, spiritually awakening, loving journey it has been.

Kelli Kaltenbach

Participation in the “Awaken the Guide Within” yoga teacher training led by Melissa Herzog at the House of AUM was a life-altering experience for me. The quality, potency and intimacy of this yoga immersion training took me on an unexpected journey of self-development. Melissa is an expert guide who challenged each of us individually and collectively – acting as both a lighthouse and forklift at every turn. The immersion training involved deep spiritual work, while tapping into the healing powers of nature to elevate personal consciousness. We were given tools on how to heal the mind, body, and spirit by balancing the energies within and learned how to create workshops and lead circles to share these concepts. MY Guide has been awakened, and I am joyfully looking forward to holding space and keeping the flame lit for others on this journey. Namaste!

Lynn C. Bunstine