Whole Being Bodywork

Release. Nurture. Balance

This full body, blissful experience utilizes Swedish & deep tissue massage techniques. Giving the body the gift of healing touch will help melt away tension. Dissolve stress, add peace, clarity and happiness.

60 mins, $75 / 90 mins, $110 / 120 mins, $140

Planetary Sound Healing
with Abby Parker

Come into Cosmic Resonance with Planetary Sound Healing

Planetary Singing Bowls assist in life transformations, deep intrapersonal processes, movement of stagnant or blocked energy, as well as a creation of nourishment; ease in one’s own body, mind, and Spirit.

With roots in Homeopathic, Astro-Medicine, Planetary bowls create Harmony:
~ As our bodies are Microcosms of the Universe, we need only re-align our Vibration to that of the Cosmos to restore health,healing of bodily systems. ~

Embody your Cosmic Vibration with 5 treatment options:

~ Moon Cycle ~ Fertility ~ Detox ~ Conscious Rising ~ Elixir of Life ~

60 mins: $88
Package of 3: $244 (save $20)

90 mins: $132
Package of 3: $366 (save $30)

Enjoy a *free first-time 15 minute consultation* to discuss your treatment plan.

Frequency Healing

Intuition, compassion, and divine guidance create a beautifully individualized healing session. Contact may include a creative and intuitively guided integration of Reiki, Pranic Healing, and other vibrational modalities. 30 minutes, $40 / 60 minutes, $70

Sacred Release Healing

Through the use of therapeutic essential oils, intuitive bodywork, reiki, emotional release, affirmation, channeling, and sacred smoke- you will leave feeling a sense of release, recharged, and whole. 90 mins, $125

           Hurqalya Method, Heart Energy Healing

            Hurqalya (pronouced, “her-call-ya”) is an ancient word meaning the interface between  the visible and invisible worlds- the worlds of spirit and matter. Individual energy healing to improve physical, emotional and spiritual health, hope and wholeness. Intake and Initial Assessment are part of first session. $80 per session, or 3-session package for $210 (savings of $90). Reduced priced for those who are also in mentoring; $65/session.


            Meet with a registered dietician for a holistic and personalized approach to nutrition. We believe in addressing all aspects of health to help you reach your health, wellness, and lifestyle goals. Initial consultation: 60 mins, $85 Follow up: 15 min increments, $20 each

To book a session with our experienced guides & certified therapists, please call 937-532-5467 or email Melissa@house-of-aum.com.