“Living Mandala Yoga” 300 hr Teacher Training

May 11th, 2019 – January 17th, 2020

The 300-Hour Program is broken down into four seasonal modules and will run each season from May 2019 to January 2020.

From a Tantric perspective, all women are embodiments of feminine power or Shakti. The 300-hour program uses Goddess archetypes to garner a deeper understanding of the sacred self, the teacher, Circle-Craft, and the global community. Learning in this program occurs through deep discussion, communal practices, some serious soul-work, and creative alchemy.This program is sourced from the belief that the global community is being marked by increasing gender equity, human rights awareness, environmental consciousness, and social responsibility, with the role of yogins in these positive changes being absolutely paramount. This training is a journey of authentic, goddess-awakening, through which all students discover their unique soul-work, live their goddess-based archetypes, and cultivate authentic connection through feminine communication and co-creation.

Program Elements

Your wild soul designed this life for you before you were born, and your deepest wounds and darkest shadows are as essential to your nature as your perfect passions and sacred gifts. The Living Mandala Yoga teacher training programs are called “soul-based” in order to distinguish them from more “spirit” driven programs which focus on ego-transcendence, the “light-worker” mentality, and “higher consciousness.” Our programs are grounded in descending the ego as much as ascending the ego; we believe emotions are holy gateways to self transformation, enjoyment in life (bhukti) is just as essential as spiritual liberation (mukti), and that every yoga teacher must uniquely craft her philosophy based on the components of their life’s purpose (The LIGHT: Passions, Gifts, Spiritual Beliefs AND the DARK: Wounds, Regrets, and all that softens your Ego and shifts your Identity). The practical components of our program are based on the student as a whole being, body, mind, and spirit, and we integrate movement alchemy, magick, body-prayer, energy-work, spell-craft, deep creative dives, circle-craft, and ritual into learning. More specifically, the teaching methods applied include, but are not limited to, the following:

Council and Circles: Counseling each other is a key part of Vidya (clear-seeing) and enhances feminine communication skills. The future is circular, and time is a spiral.

Altar-Building: We are constantly building and co-creating altars as symbolic action and to honor ancestors, elements, and, less often, Goddess archetypes.

Spell-Craft and Ritual: We frame spell-work as the conversation you are having with the world about the kind of future you want for the world’s children, and we frame yoga as a moving ritual.

Communal Creative Work: We frequently paint/collage together to channel the prana-shakti energy, bolster third-eye balance, and generally take us out of our left-brain/logical thinking.

Divination: Every day, we have a morning and evening oracle; this is a check-in circle of sorts, during which we draw cards, work with pendulums, or other “wilder” forms of divination in order to gain clarity on the present moment, on the work we have done, and on whatever cosmic guidance we are receiving.

Pathworking: We do quite a bit of guided meditation in order to work with ancestral, animal, and spirit guides.

Personal Mythwork: This is a method of sense-making and story-telling. We use personal myth work quite a lot during our movement practices in order to gain clarity on where we have been and where we are.

Psychodrama: We frame yoga broadly as “seeking out obstacles to freedom and removing them,” and we engage in several group practices for removing these “obstacles” within our psyche in order to manifest our sacred work.

Wildfire Teaching Practices: These are communal teaching practices through which all students become the teacher for a portion of the class. These are beautiful, organic rituals of co-created movement, intention-setting, and power-raising.

Project Portfolio: Over the course of the training, there are several “projects” we complete during the immersion; these are all aimed at integrating your yoga with your sacred work and include workshop design, circle design, mini retreat design, and private class offerings.

Integration Plan: We conclude the immersion with a plan for integrating the knowledge learned into your “real life.” In many ways, this is the most important piece of the curriculum, as it is your channel for manifesting what you have learned.

Synthesis: Each immersion concludes with a synthesis, or final, cumulative assessment. I do collect these and keep them on file as evidence of your participation.

Rasa Project: The Rasa Project is the final project for the 300-hour program, and it is an amplified version of the Heart Project (200 hr program project) through which you are creating as many “ripples” as possible in the global fabric through your sacred work.

 Program Structure

The 300-hour program is grounded firmly in nature’s rhythms as they affect the human body, psyche, and divine feminine spiritual practice.

Rasa of Fertile Ground: Spring Immersion
(May 11th – 17th, 2019 )

Required Text: Aphrodite’s Daughters by Jamela Bonheim

The Spring Rasa’s curriculum honors the inner Maiden, with a strong emphasis on creative work, sensuality, the new moon phase of dawning manifestation, and embodied experience. We discuss ancestral knowledge, feminine wounds, and conscious creativity, working with the Goddess archetypes of Achtland, Rhiannon, and Macha.

Rasa of Fruition: Summer Immersion
(August 24th – 30th)

Required Text: Weaving the Visions by Judith Plaskow and Carol Christ

The Summer Rasa is ambitious, as we honor the roles of enjoyment and play in our Craft. We move through significant spell-work for manifestation, healing, and gratitude, and we frame the teacher as an accessible source of inspiration for students. In working with honoring the full moon phase as well as the Goddesses Aine, Danu, and Madb, we discuss feminine spirituality, declaring and invoking our hopes for the world of the future.

Rasa of the Abundant Harvest: Autumn Immersion
(Sept 28th – Oct 4th, 2019)

Required Text: Mysteries of the Dark Moon by Demetri

The Autumn Rasa is quite intense, and this is the only of the four Rasas that we do not recommend starting with. There is substantial shadow and wound-work, and we work with the darker Goddess archetypes of the Cailleach, Cerridwyn, and the Morrigan. We discuss death ritual, the waning moon, the Great Exhale in the wheel of the year, and the importance of honoring our ancestors in our practice.

Rasa of Resting in Darkness: Winter Immersion
(Jan 11th-17th, 2020)

These dates are tentative and could change based on Danielle’s tentative book tour. We will confirm these Winter Rasa dates as soon as we can.

Required Text: The Mist-Filled Path by Frank McKeowen

The Winter Rasa works with the Celtic Goddess archetypes of Badb, Sheila-Na-Gig, and Brighid as we midwife the Crone-to-Maiden transition during the season of Imbolc. We work with the void between the dark to new moon phase, honoring movement as ritual, teacher as space-holder, and the feminine as flame-tender and change-agent.

About Danielle

“All of my work is rooted in what I call the “wild feminine,” or the aspects of the human psyche which I believe are the most socially denigrated; these are our connection to the natural world, our right to feel and be sensuous, our knowledge of holistic relationship and the spiral dance of time, our psychic power and intuitive wisdom, and our body-spirit union. I translate the wild feminine into writing, multimedia art, yoga teaching, motherhood, Witchcraft, and energy-work, but I aim to have my core message constant: It is the birthright of a woman to resurrect embodied spirituality, a unique holiness that is lived out and experienced in the body. I am the author of Woman Most Wild: Three Keys to Liberating the Witch Within and The Holy Wild: A Heathen Bible for the Untamed Woman (New World Library 2017 and 2018), and an E-RYT 500 and YACEP through Yoga Alliance. I am a lover of Irish Paganism, a Celtic free-style Witch, and I long for the mists. May we all find what we seek.”

 Tuition and Payments

Total tuition for the 300-hour program is $3600 ($200 discount when paid in full). Each of the four immersions is $950 each, with full payment due six weeks before the immersion start date. You may put down a deposit of $500 for each Rasa with the remainder $450 due six weeks prior. If you require a payment plan to further break down the $950, please set up an appointment with Melissa to set up contractual payments.

This excludes books which are approximately $50 for the entire training. If you need help with accommodations, please let us know and we can guide you towards some great Air B&Bs in town.

In an effort to keep this training potent, intimate and sacred, we will be accepting only 12 students.

Melissa met Danielle at the Wild Woman Festival in August 2017 and was deeply inspired by her work, ultimately inviting Danielle to hold AUM’s first 300 hour program (began May ’18) She is currently Danielle’s student of the first 300 hr program here at AUM (ending January ’19).


Refunds: Program deposits, tuition, and application fees are not refundable unless the program is canceled by House of AUM or Living Mandala Yoga, LLC. However, you are able to reallocate moneys paid toward a certain immersion to another immersion within the same program within the same year, providing there has been as least six weeks notice given before the immersion start date. For example, if have paid $950 for the Spring Rasa in the 300-hour program but find you cannot attend, you can move the $900 to the Summer Rasa payment in the same year as long as you let us know six weeks or longer before the Spring Rasa was scheduled to begin.

Scheduling and Cancellations: We never anticipate any cancellation, and it is extremely unlikely that we would cancel an entire immersion. Inclement weather may lead to a late-start or, less often, an entire day’s cancellation, but it is not likely to lead us to a whole-event cancellation. In the event of a cancellation by House of AUM or Living Mandala Yoga LLC, 100% of the tuition and deposit will be refunded. House of AUM and Living Mandala Yoga LLC does reserve the right to move the program to an alternate location within ten miles of Yellow Springs. We fully reserve the right to change our schedule without prior notice or cancel programs due to low registration; while this is extremely unlikely and without precedent, we will, of course, refund any money to participants who cannot attend events due to last-minute schedule changes or low-registration cancellations.

 Please direct all questions to Melissa by emailing melissa@house-of-aum.com or calling 937-532-5467.